Pre-War Historic Architecture

Beautifully maintained and historically restored architectural details maintain the history of Chatwick Gardens within the greater fabric of the Forest Hills community. Wrought iron glass doors and terrazzo flooring adorn the entry lobbies and hallways. Original moldings, hardware and oak flooring adorn several apartment interiors.


Entry courtyard gardens, indicative of prewar architecture, provide a pleasant threshold with ornamental trees, shrubs and flowering plants upon entry to and exit from the cooperative.


Several residences are provided with individual garage parking along the service drive between Burns Street and Clyde Street.

Personal Article and Bicycle Storage

Throughout all five buildings, private storage rooms are available within the basements to rent for a monthly fee.  Additionally, bicycle storage is provided through bicycle racks located adjacent to the breezeway entrances for residents’ use free-of-charge.

Laundry Rooms

Each building’s basement also contains a dedicated laundry facility with self-service washers and dryers, folding tables and clothing carts for easy transport to and from individual apartments.


Chatwick Gardens is equipped with CCTV cameras located throughout the public spaces, service drive and entry gardens of the property to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents.

Resident Superintendent

A full-time, resident superintendent handles all daily operations of the cooperative with the additional benefit of providing after-hours emergency services when needed.

Discounted Rate on Digital TV and High Speed Internet

Residents enjoy a discounted rate for digital television and internet services provided by either Spectrum or Verizon FiOS.

Online Information Portal

Residents have the most up to date Cooperative Applications as well as the complete series of Corporate Documents available digitally. Communication with Management and Staff, including Maintenance Requests, can easily be made through the online portal. Automatic and online Maintenance Payment options are also available.