Capital Improvements

Chatwick Gardens’ Board of Directors review and approve our long-term Capital Master Plan on an annual basis to establish reserves and funding for the proper maintenance and repairs of our five buildings’ infrastructure, architecture and gardens. All repairs to historic elements are made with the utmost care and attention in order to respect or restore the original design of the buildings.

Several capital improvements have been implemented since the formation of the cooperative and include the following:

  • Repair of all masonry facades in accordance with New York City’s Local Law 11/FISP
  • Rehabilitation of all exterior architectural woodwork and stucco, including a historical paint analysis of the elements to restore the façade to its original design
  • Stabilization and rebuilding of parapet walls along the historic Burns Street façade
  • Refurbishment of the parapet walls along the service drive
  • Refurbishment and repainting of all exterior fire escapes
  • Repainting and replacement of masonry lintels at all window openings
  • Repainting of all original public stair steel windows
  • Repair of masonry and skylights at all rooftop elevator overruns
  • Repair of masonry and skylights at all rooftop stairwell overruns
  • Repair and stabilization of all slate roof tiles
  • Restoration of all exterior stone entrances
  • Decommissioning and cleaning of all compactors and associated chutes
  • Refurbishment of all elevator cab finishes, lighting, drivers as well as modernization of controls
  • Complete re-plastering and repainting of all public hallway walls and ceilings.
  • Repainting of all hallway stairwell stringers and apartment and elevator doors.
  • Replacement of all public hallway signage with materials matching the historic palette
  • Addition of building address signage plaques at entries and coordination with neighboring buildings for a unified appearance along Burns Street
  • Replacement of all lamps within public lighting fixtures with energy-efficient, LED types
  • Retiled laundry rooms and replacement of all machines with modern equipment
  • Combined boiler for all five buildings, including digital heating sensors installed throughout the buildings’ apartments to maximize energy efficiency and minimize operating costs
  • Redesign and replacement of all plantings within entry gardens, including new ornamental trees, appropriately scaled shrubs and the inclusion of lawn space
  • Installation of an in-ground sprinkler system within the gardens
  • Refurbishment of all garage structures, roofs and doors, including coordination with neighboring Clyde Street residential garages within shared right-of-way
  • Installation of security cameras within all public areas and gardens of the residence