Burns Street Owners Corp
68-12/20/30/36/44 Burns Street
Forest Hills, New York 11375



As mentioned in our last newsletter, the cooperative has launched our new website which will give our property a strong digital presence for marketing and sales of apartments, and most importantly will provide shareholders access to all of the necessary documents, contact information, and tools they may need.  If you have not had a chance to do so already, we encourage all residents to send a request for a username and password to Mark Levine of EBMG at  Requests will be coordinated with our web designer, so please allow for up to a week to receive your new login information.


Over the course of the past couple of weeks, sprinklers have been installed in the basements of Buildings 12, 20, 30 and 44 above each laundry rooms’ set of dryers.  Sprinklers had previously been installed in Building 36 above the dryers during the repairs to the gas piping lines. The reason for the installation of the sprinklers is that fire code requires that any facility with two or more dryers have sprinklers installed above them to provide coverage of five feet around the devices.  All basements now comply with the requirements of the local fire code.


Residents may have noticed that our former three garbage areas along the Service Drive have begun to disappear.  Over the past years, many residents have noted concerns of trespassers sifting through our recycling bags, as well as the unsightly condition outside the windows of apartments with southern exposures.  The Board of Directors, in conjunction with Management and Staff, has reviewed several options over the past year to resolve this matter.

Late last year we began storing the recycling in our basements in lieu of the service drive.  This eliminated the trespassing on our property and minimized the amount of refuse stored outside.  Earlier this year the cooperative’s garage became available due to the decommissioning of the ATV.  This has allowed the cooperative to store our bi-weekly refuse within the garage, eliminating unsightly view of the materials while maintaining them outside of the building for our properties’ cleanliness and preventing snow accumulation upon them for ease of disposal during the winter season.  Significant research was done regarding installing garbage sheds within the service drive at the triangular alcoves between the garages.  These options ranged from $20-45K depending on the quality of construction and materials used.  Repurposing our garage was a no-cost solution, saving the cooperative significant funds to be utilized for other necessary work.  Over the summer the former garbage areas will be fully cleaned and the additional metal posts that supported the fencing will be removed to restore them to their original condition.

Regarding the decommissioning of the ATV, the equipment had become a financial burden and was beyond its useful life for repairs.  Replacement for this vehicle would have cost the cooperative between $12-15K.  Management and the Board of Directors reviewed the necessity of this vehicle and its appropriateness for the size of our property.  It was determined that hand trucks for curbside refuse disposal with new snow blowers for winter maintenance would be best suited for the property, saving the corporation over $10-12K.  The use of snow blowers would also eliminate the damage to our sidewalk flags that were occurring due to the type of equipment used on the ATV.  These methods of maintenance were researched prior to executing and are indicative of cooperatives throughout our neighborhood and the New York City area.  Our staff has been great in adjusting their workflow with the new tools, and we appreciate their support.


To support better disposal and cleanliness of our garbage and recycling, new, larger recycling cans and garbage cans have been installed within our basements.  This will allow more refuse to fit within the cans, particularly over the weekends, helping to eliminate the overflow seen in many basements currently.  We ask that all residents be mindful of the disposal of their garbage/recycling and place them neatly within the provided bins.  Please be respectful and ensure that all cardboard boxes are broken down in their entirety and placed within the paper recycling bin or adjacent floor bin.  Our building staff should not be breaking down boxes left stacked in the basement areas, as this reduces their time to focus on other important maintenance items.  We greatly appreciate your cooperation in keeping our common areas clean.


Last month our cooperative shifted from operating on variable gas to firm gas.  This means that the cooperative will no longer rely on ordering and burning no. 2 oil when temperatures drop below a certain degree during the winter months.  This will not only save the cooperative operating expenses annually, but environmentally is a cleaner energy source aligning with future city requirements for more efficient building systems.

Residents should be aware that our oil tank is approaching the end of its useful life as well.  If a variable gas contract had been maintained, our cooperative would have had to replace the current tank with a cost reaching up to six figures.  Decommissioning of our existing oil tank will cost approximately $12-15K, and will allow the cooperative to avoid annual inspection fees as well.  The corporation currently has three proposals and will be evaluating the final scope over the next month.  This process for decommissioning of the oil tank will occur shortly thereafter.  The savings associated with the change from purchasing oil to operating on firm gas will cover the costs for decommissioning of the oil tank within a two to three year period.


NYC has created a new mandate that requires all buildings with automatic passenger elevators to provide a system to monitor and prevent automatic operation with faulty door contact circuits by 2020.  A door-lock monitor is an electronic device that prevents an elevator from moving if the doors are not closed properly.  The Board of Directors and Management have solicited pricing from El Tech, our elevator service contractor, for this work.  Each elevator will cost approximately $12K to install the required system.  Additionally, our zone locks require replacement at each elevator that will cost slightly less than $2K per elevator cab.  The work will be phased one elevator at a time, as the elevator cannot be placed back into service until the Department of Buildings (DOB) visits the building for an inspection and sign-off.  The duration that an elevator will be out of service is entirely dependent upon the DOB, and is not something that Management or our elevator contractor can control.  Residents will be notified in advance of the phased plan once work is ready to commence.

NYC has also created a new mandate that will require all buildings with automatic passenger elevators to provide emergency brakes by 2027.  Based on our elevator’s mechanic’s report, our buildings’ elevators have a double-plunger Hollistor Whiney brake that exempts us from this requirement.  This is the more costly of the two requirements, and being exempt has allowed us to forego full elevator replacements.  For everyone’s general information, a full elevator replacement could run upward of $200K per elevator.  We feel very fortunate that the impact to our five elevators is controlled within an affordable means.


In continuing to plan ahead, the Board of Directors in conjunction with Management have been compiling data on future capital improvements that will be necessary in the coming years.  Some are must haves while others are seen as desirable from a majority of shareholders based upon past meetings and discussions.  These improvements include new roofs, new windows, upgraded entry security system, a community room, continued Local Law 11 inspections/remedial façade work, and garage repairs/waterproofing from our shared right of way with neighbors on Clyde Street.  Each project will be reviewed in order of priority, and financial planning options will be considered as part of the overall Capital Master Plan.


Over the recent year, communications with the West Side Tennis Club have expanded to facilitate improvements along the 69th Avenue corridor.  Our Board President has joined the Master Planning Committee at the WSTC, and has been discussing this item with them.

As part of the conversations, it was reiterated to both the WSTC Board of Directors, as well as Madison House Concert Promoter, that promises were made to the community about improvements to the fence line outside of the Gardens when the concerts were reinstated at the Forest Hills Stadium in 2013.  Angela Martin, the WSTC Board President, has been enthusiastic about having this goal accomplished and has been collaborating with Matthew on how to achieve this.  Concepts will be presented and discussed with local officials in an attempt to garner support and financing for the project.  In the interim, discussions have been taking place with Mario DiPreta, the General Manager of the WSTC, to monitor and clean up some of the debris and soil runoff on the sidewalks after major rain events.

Additionally, you may have noticed that Madison House is installing a new bathroom structure along the fence by 69th Avenue.  This structure will be screened from view from the adjacent area.  Recent news articles regarding proposals for winter activities at the Forest Hills Stadium by Madison House have not been formally proposed or reviewed by the WSTC’s Board of Directors.  In speaking with Angela, no proposal will be approved that causes any further street closures or alters normal day-to-day activities for surrounding neighbors.  Further updates will be provided on this item once a formal proposal is reviewed and approved by the Master Planning Committee and the Board of Directors.


The Board continues to work closely with the 112 Precinct and WSTC to ensure that the Forest Hills Stadium concerts have a minor impact on residents and the property.

Below is the current list of concerts scheduled for the 2018 season:

Jun 8                      Belle & Sebastian

Jun 9                      Nathanial Rateliff & The Night Sweats and The Head and The Heart

Jun 13                   Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters

Jun 15                   Alt-J

Jun 17                   Roger Daltrey Performs The Who’s “Tommy”

Jun 22                   Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly

Jul 24                     Arctic Monkeys

Jul 28                     Boy George & Culture Club and The B-52s

Aug 11                  Maxwell

Aug 17                  Cake & Ben Folds

Aug 18                  Russell Peters

Sep 8                     Jamiroquai

Sep 12                   Van Morrison and Willie Nelson & Family

Sep 15                   David Byrne

Sep 22                   Portugal. The Man

Sep 29                   The National

Sep 30                   The National

Oct 6                     Eeeeeatscon

Please be advised that parking on designated streets is restricted during the days of the concerts.  Please ensure you monitor your vehicle’s location and move them beyond the restricted parking areas, preferably the night before.  No fines are assigned should your vehicle be relocated, and a list is available at the precinct by plate number to locate your vehicle.


  • Always ensure the vestibule and basement doors latch securely when entering/exiting the building.
  • Never provide access to individuals you do not know or are not expecting. If a vendor rings your intercom and you are not expecting them, do not provide access. Each resident is responsible for coordinating his or her own services and deliveries.
  • Please be respectful of the garden areas and avoid foot traffic through them at all times.
  • Please ensure that you break down all cardboard boxes and neatly place trash and recycling in the appropriately designated areas within the basements. For larger items, please contact our Resident Superintendent for disposal coordination and requirements.
  • Please return laundry carts to the basement as soon as transportation of clothes and other articles to and from your apartment is complete. Laundry carts should not be taken from the basements for more than ten (10) minutes.
  • Please remove all non-bicycle articles in the vicinity of basement bicycle racks. Only registered bicycles may be stored within the designated areas of each building’s basement. Registration stickers may be obtained from the Superintendent.



  • Chatwick Gardens Website:               
  • Chatwick Gardens Board of Directors:
  • Steven Todorovich, Superintendent:            718.793.8974 (office), 718.354.0619 (emergency),
EBMG, Management:
  • Mark Levine, Principal:                                516.333.7730 x 201
  • Pattie Accurso, Accounts Receivable:        914.779.1400  
  • Jill Bader, Sales/Leasing/Refinancing:        516.333.7730 x 210
  • Emergency 24-Hour Service:                     718.266.1110